My name is Brian McGinty and I have been an independent Karatbars affiliate / business partner since 2013. 

I am married with three children and have worked with major multinationals for over twenty years.

I provide free seven day support to my 11,000+ customers and business partners in over 100 countries. This is in addition to the fantastic seven day support from Karatbars International.

I created this website simply to expand on the simple steps already laid out in the Karatbars website.

Image from the Karatbars dashboard

Support is Key

If you have any questions not covered please get in touch with me in the first instance. I can answer 90% of them and if I can’t I will contact head office on your behalf.

Use the contact form , call/text/whatapp +447511650427 , Skype – onlinecompanyreview or email brian@globalgoldbullion.com

*90% of queries are answered within fifteen minutes.  (8am -11pm GMT) 

Head Office Service & Support

EU Support: +49 (0) 711 128 970 00
US Support: + 1 224 829 00 47

Office hours EU Support: Mon-Thurs 9am – 12.30pm / 1.30pm – 6pm CET, Fri 9am – 12.30pm / 1.30pm – 4pm CET 
Office hours US & Spanish Support: Mon-Thurs 8am – 10pm CET, Fri 8am – 6pm CET, Sat-Sun 8am – 9pm CET

Email: support@karatbars.com

Step 1

If you have not seen it yet please watch the customer / business partner presentation below. It is an essential step before you go any further. A few minutes watching this video will save you a lot of time later.

Part 1      0 – 30 mins – Company introduction, products and why gold?

Part 2     30 – 60 mins – Business Partner overview

Step 2

Now you have watched the video it’s time to help you get started with your account. Please begin by clicking the relevant button below.


Business Partners/Affiliates 

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