Ten Minute Debt Free System

If you want to know a short cut to success you can skip ALL the  training by completing the following steps.

  1. Complete all of the five steps in your back office today. 
  2. Find* five people to register and complete the steps. 

*To “find” the five people ask three people to watch your video every day for thirty days. Statistically 5-10 people will register.

If everyone did this no one would need to know, learn or do anything else. Completing those steps means momentum, duplication and commissions will be achieved by everyone. Everyone will have started their business properly from day one and everyone would be saving.

This is the video you need to promote

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The system I have created at Global Gold Bullion makes failing virtually impossible. I have removed the need to learn, create or do anything other than complete the steps.

  • Your video is automatically updated monthly
  • Support/Newsletters/Training/ for your customers is all provided by my office

We have a saying at Karatbars which explains our business.

“Karatbars basic training – Help some people save and make some money”

“Karatbars advanced training – Help a lot of people save and make a lot of money”

Further Information

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