Founded in 2011, it is Karatbars International’s aim to make gold ownership possible for everyone in a safe affordable way. This is achieved though a wide range of low cost, 24kt, 999.9 gold bullion products.  

Karatbars have also developed a system which allows any online/offline store the chance to accept gold as payment. (Physically or digitally via the Karatpay app). 

500,000+ accounts have already been opened in 125 countries with the next target of one million. 



Fast Start Video

Want to get started quickly as an affiliate? Just want some easy steps to follow? 

This video shows you how to get started in minutes and create a weekly residual income with Karatbars. 

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Karatbars Prices 

A staggering 99.9% of the  public in western countries do not own any 24kt 999.9 gold bullion and therefore have no idea how much physical gold really costs.

  • Do you know what “spot price” really means? 
  • Do you know what the difference grades of 24kt gold are? 
  • Do you know about the different security features you should look for when buying gold? 

Don’t worry if you don’t as you are not alone! 

In the following video these questions are answered in more detail and we explain why Karatbars prices are unbeatable for the products offered. 


Now it’s time to help you get started with your free account. Click the button below and choose customer or affiliate. Both are completely free but we recommend choosing the affiliate option as you get to see all of the back office features. 


Karatbars Brian McGinty Gold Director

This website has been created by Brian McGinty, Independent Karatbars International Business Partner since 2013