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My name is Brian McGinty and I have been an independent Karatbars business partner since 2013. Karatbars

Married with four children I have worked with major multinationals for over twenty years in Ireland, UK, Spain and Portugal.

The key to my business is providing seven day support to my, (twelve thousand plus), account holders in over one hundred countries. This is in addition to the fantastic seven day support from Karatbars International.

I created this website simply to expand on the simple steps already laid out in the main website at

Step 1

Please take a look at the customer / business partner presentation below. It is an essential step before you go any further as a few minutes now will save you a lot of time later.

Part 1      0 – 25 mins – Company introduction, products and why gold?

Part 2     25-45 mins – Business Partner overview

or join me on my live weekly webinar / Q&A every Monday at 8.30pm UK time.  Just click

Step 2

99.9% of the  public do not own ANY 24kt 999.9 gold bullion and therefore have no idea how much it really costs.
Do you know what “spot price” means? Or what the difference grades of 24kt gold are? The following video explains why Karatbars prices are unbeatable for the products we sell.

Step 3

Now it’s time to help you get started with your account. Please begin by clicking the relevant button below.

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Existing Customers 

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Support is Key

If you have any questions about Karatbars, buying our products or partnering with us please get in touch.

1. Contact form

2. Call/text/whatapp – 0044 7511 650 427

3. Main office number – 0044 2891 871 374

4.  Skype – onlinecompanyreview

5. Email –

*90% of queries are answered within fifteen minutes.  (8am -11pm GMT)