Karatbars offer a wide selection of country, celebration and collectors cards. 

If you have connections with a business, sporting club, organisation or charity and would like to create your own branded Karatbars we can organise that for you.

The process is simple and I explain it in more detail in the video below.

  1. Register at www.karatbars.com
  2. Upload a copy of ID and address in profile for KYC (Know Your Customer
  3. Got to product purchasecreate your own card and make purchase by credit, debit card or bank wire. 
  4. Place your order and send images/design to brandingcards@karatbars.com
  5. Wait for proof, approve it and wait for Fedex delivery.

Branded Cards Video Overview (Sports)

Although the video below is directed as sports Karatbars cards can be adapted to any type of business.