Karatbars Customers – Fast Start Guide 

Whether you want to buy one gram of gold as a present for someone or save €5000+ every month the process is extremely simple. This page will guide you so you can get started as quickly as possible.

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Step 1 – KYC

You have registered so now all you need to do is complete your KYC or Know Your Customer section. You will find it under the “profile” tab. KYC is a set of international guidelines which help companies ensure they are not aiding money laundering.

Put simply, you just need to upload a copy of your ID, (passport/ driving licence/ Id card), and a recent utility bill dated within six months.

*A clear picture taken with a smart phone is fine. Make sure to upload two separate documents, one in each section. 

Once you have uploaded both documents the KYC team will check them and approve/not approved them. You will receive an email with the decision usually within 48 hours. If they have not been approved correct the error and try again. If you need KYCS checked urgently please email brian@globalgoldbullion.com

These are the most common reasons for non approval.

  • Documents are not in full colour
  • The KYC person cannot see all four sides and corners of the document
  • The information on the document does not match the profile information

This video explains KYC in more detail.

Your KYC is approved… Now to make a purchase

Making a purchase is straightforward but here are a few tips which will help make the process even more simple.

  • Only Classic cards 1/2.5 and 5 gram can be stored. All other products must be delivered.
  • You can pay by credit/debit card or bank wire. Choose bank wire and a pdf will be generated with the various bank accounts you can send your money to. Once the money is received the sale will be credited to your account.
  • If you enter a 3% discount code it is valid for twelve months. You only need to enter it once and the website will discount each purchase at checkout for one year. If you do not have a 3% discount code please email brian@globalgoldbullion.com and state your Karatbars username.
  • It is possible to combine stored gold with a new purchase. Many people save for a while, buy a collectors or gift card and add the stored gold at checkout. You can convert your stored gold to 1gram, 2.5gram or 5gram cards.
  • Every delivery takes 3-6 weeks, are all completed by Fedex and are insured/tracked. You will receive an email from Fedex when the order leaves Germany.
  • Deliveries cost €13.50 inside Europe, €18.50 outside Europe and over 100 grams is free.
  • If your country has an import tax Karatbars will charge you this during checkout so that it clears customs and goes straight to your door. This will show as a “country dependent fee”
  • If you want you can set up an automatic weekly or monthly purchase from €50. If you set up a second one the first one is cancelled. Your gold is automatically stored until you ask for a delivery. You can cancel this at any time.
  • Please remember its your gold and it is easy to turn back into cash if you need to. You can sell it privately, use it in K-exchange centres or pay others with your gold using the Karatpay App. (Available 2017)

How to Make a Purchase / Set up an Autosave

Buying Larger Quantities

Although Karatbars is designed for smaller quantities I have many customers who buy in bulk. I have many customers who regularly buy €5000+ per month.

These are the main reasons large buyers choose Karatbars

  • They know it is guaranteed 999.9 bullion with fantastic security features
  • It is easier to store as it is in credit card sized format
  • Free storage
  • Free delivery (Over 100grams)
  • Easier to split up so better from a security viewpoint
  • Easier to sell. (If you have a kilo and need money you have to find a buyer for a kilo and sell the whole kilo)
  • Their gold can be transferred to another person using the app (Coming 2017)
  • Karatbars can be used as a method of payment in Kexchange centres
  • They have done their research and know Karatbars often sell for more than their retail value.

I have a made a short video on how to buy an ounce (31grams) with Karatbars. This will explain the best way to buy in larger quantities. Take the price as an example as the price you see today may be different.

Latest Products and Information

The latest products and prices are updated live and you can find them in the pdf at the bottom of your dashboard. All products are also listed in the “product purchase” section on the top menu.

There are new products being added every month so login to the website once a week to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Want to become an affiliate?

Many customers want to become affiliates when they get their first order delivered! Its impossible to keep your new gold a secret and your friends and family will want some too.

As a free affiliate you can earn up to 6% commission which will be paid as cash to your Karatbars Mastercard. Many people do this and use the commissions to buy more gold. There are no subscriptions, fees, forced purchases or targets and you keep 100% of the commission you earn.

To become an affiliate simply click the link in your Karatbars dashboard and the affiliate information/tabs will appear. Then go back to the home page of this website and watch the affiliate part of the video.

Should you decide to promote Karatbars we will provide you with your own free personalised website/marketing system and some of the best training available.

If you have any questions on anything above simply call +447511650427 or email brian@globalgoldbullion.com

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